What’s the purpose of this website?

The main purpose is to provide a way for people to donate bitcoins which will be exchanged and given to UK registered charities to help with humanitarian aid in Gaza (Palestine). With bank accounts being frozen or closed with little or no notice, and without any reasons given, it’s not only an inconvenience, but it can cripple a charity and prevent it from providing emergency and much-needed aid to the poor, needy and vulnerable.

Check out the following articles for news on bank closures:

Why aren’t the charities accepting bitcoin directly?

If charities accepted bitcoin directly, that would be ideal and there wouldn’t be a need for this website.  Bitcoin adoption is slow and not everyone understands how it works. Furthermore, the charities still have to work with fiat currencies and not all of them have the know-how to exchange bitcoins for fiat.

Why not use BitPay or similar service?

With BitPay, the charities will still depend on having bank accounts  – which is fine until the bank account is suspended or closed. With our service, we can exchange bitcoins for fiat cash.

Why should I trust you?

In order to build trust, we intend to do:

– acknowledge each donation on the Updates page. we will also post a record of any exchanges (to £GBP) made and which UK registered charity the money was donated to, and the amount.

– you can of course donate anonymously if you wish

You can test the service by sending us a satoshi (0.00000001) and we will acknowledge it by posting a receipt online. However, if it happens that we get inundated with satoshis, then it may be impractical to acknowledge each transaction manually.  But you of course be able to trace all transactions to our published wallet address using the blockchain via blockchain.info.

How is aid getting in to Gaza?

The charities we will use have field offices in Gaza where funds are already in place and bank transfers are possible. New funds are able to be sent to their Gaza Office, albeit with some delays.  It is extremely challenging, but they are also able to deliver more aid and supplies, with the help of various partners, through Israeli border points and potentially Rafah in Egypt. They also purchase many food items and certain medical supplies locally.


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